Chris Bryan, Portrait Photo, 2022
Hi, I'm Chris Bryan
 My earliest memories are of drawing on pads of paper while laying on the shag carpet of my Mammaw's living room floor. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Muppet Babies, and other "old" cartoons played on her vintage wood console television (after The Price is Right ended).  At that age, the world as I knew it was gigantic, mysterious, and wonderous.  Every single day was long, filled with new discoveries... and every new discovery was an opportunity to draw. 
Of course, every drawing I made as a child had a story.  They were—and still are—little windows into how that smaller version of me saw the world in those moments.  Like many 90’s kids, my imagination was captivated by dinosaurs, superheroes, and giant robots.  As I grew up, peers my age outgrew these whimsical imaginings, but I never did.  I just kept dreaming and drawing.  
From the age of 9, my dream was to inspire the imaginations of other children in the same manner I was inspired—through fantastical stories.  Admittedly, during my adult years, life happened and I abandoned it, but, a few years ago, something started to stir inside me. That dream began bubbling up to the surface, and I'm now, once again, in pursuit. 
I've been lucky enough to see one lifelong dream fulfilled: I met and married my sweet Katie, an all-around awe-inspiring woman.  We currently live in the Washington, DC metro area.  I can't wait to see what other dreams materialize.
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